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Singer turned prophet Soul E holds gospel crusades in South Africa.


Nigerian musician, Emmanuel Okose, popularly known as Soul E, was a force to reckon with in the music industry in his days as an artiste.

He is currently in South Africa holding a gospel crusade as a man of God.


Soul E who left the shores of Nigeria in 2013 to South Africa has finally become a full blown “Pastor” and he’s now referred to as “Prophet Emmanuel”.

The 34 years old singer now pastors a church in South Africa with the name “The Evidence Church Of God” and holds crusade, revivals and different church programs.

The singer-cum Pastor was huge in the music industry between 2008-2011. His many controversies include his court case with his label “Collosal Records”, his relationship with an older lover Queen Ure.

Ure claimed that when the going was good between them, she was responsible for feeding Soul E and his parents. She also stated that she invested a lot of money into his music career, which never got to soar. On his part, Soul E stated that he regretted ever getting married to Queen Ure.


Soul E was signed to Colossal Entertainment but he also fell out with the company. The only notable song that can be credited to the singer is Soul E Baba. He also featured in 2face’s 2006 hit song, E be like Say.


The former singer who opened up in an interview in 2015 on why he became a prophet when he was just at the peak of his career. He mentioned that God told him he would be crippled if he did not work for him.

In his words:
I was in Singapore at a train station and a white man walked up to me and spoke in Yoruba, “do you want God to turn you to a cripple before you do this work? That was the turning point in my life.


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