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Nigerian TV producer, Fade Ogunro becomes a “straightbian”


Nigerian TV Producer, Fade Ogunro, who is going to be a speaker at the 2018 creativity week, a unique regional platform for leading industry professionals to deliver top-notch seminars that address critical issues affecting us today, has disclosed that she is now a “straightbian”.

define what being a “straightbian” means, said it is when a straight girl that can’t find a man decides to marry her best female straight friend. Here tweet read;

Me: What’s a straightbian? Also Me: A straight girl that can’t find a man so decides to marry her best female straight friend, and they both continue to date men, and bitch about them happily ever after. Def Me: I’m in
Fade Ogunro is a driving force in the African media industry. The self proclaimed “Mediapreneur” has produced some of Africa’s most notable TV Commercials and music videos. With her strong social media presence, Fade Ogunro uses her celebrity platform to encourage entrepreneurship and creativity amongst the youth. She is a world traveller, yet loves to discover and support home grown talents.

Since graduating from Roehampton University, UK where she studied Journalism and Creative writing, Miss Ogunro moved to Nigeria in 2010 where she has attained several accomplishments, titles and awards under her creative media belt.

Fade Ogunro began her illustrious media career in Nigeria as a freelance journalist for PM News, 234 Next and Guardian newspapers. Being ambitious, adventurous and creative, Fade was not satisfied with just working in print. In 2011 she explored other facets of media and has till date successfully made her mark in the broadcasting sector as both a TV and Radio presenter. In 2016, she announced she was leaving radio to focus on her entrepreneurship skills as an Executive TV producer for Film Factory Nigeria.

Fade Ogunro launched www.FadeOgunro.com in January 2016. It’s an entertaining and informative platform for Fade to showcase all the original content she has produced for the African market, such as: TV commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries and most recently the ASSISTANT SEARCH Series which is a webisode that follows 7 contestants vying to become Fade Ogunro’s Personal Assistant.


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