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Nigerian Slay Queen calls out colleague who is a home breaker


The battle line has been drawn between Nigerian Slay Queen and Facebook user, Mimi Quality Dollasign, and her former friend, Amina Mohammed who she accused of sleeping with her boyfriend.


Sharing photos of her ex-friend who she also tagged a home breaker, the Nigerian Slay Queen wrote;

Amina e shall not be well with you my boyfriend as been sleeping in your house in aghara for days na am no longer in his house come and stay help me share this home breaker….



This is coming after a former slay queen identified as Nia Cerise, took to Instagram to recount how she gave her life to Christ after being a club girl since the age of 17.

According to the former slay queen, she began sneaking into clubs at 17, drinking, smoking, and getting used by guys. She however surrendered her life to Christ two years ago, and according to her, everything about her has changed since then.

Check out her Instagram post below:

YES. THAT FIRST PICTURE IS ME just over two and a half years ago before I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became born again and filled with the Holy Ghost. I was smiling in that first picture but often I would come home & cry as I took of my makeup in the mirror. I thank God for saving me and never allowing me ONCE to return and backslide into that vomit.

Jesus Christ is real and my life can testify, I am a completely NEW woman and HE IS ALL I NEED. From drinking, sneaking into clubs at 17, smoking, swearing, gossiping, brokenness, lust, low self worth & being used again and again by guys who I would let treat me like a doormat, to love, grace, power and purpose in a perfect God WHO MET ME WHERE I WAS and saved me radically!

The same God who I didn’t care about & only spoke to when I NEEDED something has now used me to IMPACT more than 800,000 souls through my little twitter account that spreads the Gospel. The same God that saw me spouting nonsense from my mouth has used me to touch over 250,000 souls worldwide through my Christian YouTube channel reaching people in 6 out of 7 continents.

The same God who saw me committing sexual sin chose to save & send me into universities around the UK to preach & save and heal souls. Our God looked to me who spoke about others, was judgemental and extremely rude with a raging attitude to overshadow me and call blessed and highly favoured and fit to use for His unique & perfect will! I went from partying all night to praying all night into the morning hours.

Reading lousy magazines all day to fasting and reading my Word and understanding who I was. I’ve gone from people pleasing to pleasing one audience, Him. Don’t you dare tell me that God can’t use you! He can use anyone and He WILL USE anyone who is yielded and surrendered. We are in the last days. Stop playing games, turn your heart to Jesus wholeheartedly & give Him your life seriously.

You can pray this if YOU’RE serious “Father I realise that I am a sinner, I KNOW you died & were RAISED from the dead for me. I repent of my sins & give my life to you TODAY sincerely. I accept Jesus is LORD and right now Holy Spirit come into my heart & FILL ME. Amen.


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