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#I feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body’ – 26 year old Ghanaian transgender Golden


The transgender community in Africa seems to be growing, as they just got a new member, Golden, a Ghanaian transgender who began her transition journey 5 years ago.


Though Madina Broni is the first ever publicly known Ghanaian transgender, who came out to let the whole world know that they also exist in the country, however Golden who looks like a female but retained other masculine physical features like her voice and genitals, in her interview with Ghone News, said she started by cross-dressing like Bobrisky because she couldn’t fit in with boys.


Golden disclosed that before her transition, she felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body but found an escape route 5 years ago, when she went to Miss Earth in the Philipines as a make-up artist. The lady who revealed that she got more clients as a cross-dresser make-up artist, said transgenders she met at the Miss Earth beauty pageant educated her on the transgender project, and after few years of fighting to get pills to kick off her transition, she got a slot.


The Ghanaian Transgender hopes to change her male organ next year, and then alter her documents to be regarded as a woman by law.

“What keeps me going is the negative utterances from people, because they help build me up. I fight every day to look more feminine, they don’t even recognize that I am trans.”

Most people think effeminate men are gay, but Golden says she has never considered herself gay despite the fact that she is very feminine; instead, she has always known that she is a woman and that’s why she is currently transitioning.

“I have never been gay. I am a woman from childhood. I have always thought, dressed and walked as a girl and sometimes when I was much younger I prayed before going to bed that by morning God should transform me into a girl.”

“I consider myself a Trans because am on hormone pills already,” she said.

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