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How to Hook up your Friend In a Love Relationship


You want to know why after the first day I connect you with someone, chats go stale?
You divulge too much. Too much information on the first day.

And you are guilty of not taking your time.

Take your time.
It’s not magic. Things have to be built up slowly from scratch.

Nobody here is immature or stupid. It is fun to meet new people but do not let excitement dampen your ability to think.

You have only just met. Strangers. A request has been responded to. You fancy this person. Now is time to test the waters. To understand your similarities but more importantly, your differences. You want to be happy. You can do this. But slowly. You rush in, you rush out. Then you come saying your hook ups didn’t work.

Even with everyday people around you, you never form solid connections with everyone you meet. But there is always that one that makes it all worth it.
So why rush?
Be guided.


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