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Actress Cossy Ojiakor reveals 3 people she dislikes


Nollywood actress, Cossy Orijakor, has made an important disclosure on people she dislikes, and it includes two actresses and a Pastor.


Cossy Orijakor who disclosed that she hates Apostle Suleman, Iyabo Ojo and Daniellla Okeke, jokingly told them to sue her if they want.

Her Instagram posts reads;

I dislike a lot of people…. Frienermies….. This Pastor just happens to be one of them……… Hahahha sue me.

I dislike a lot of people … Iyabo Ojo just happen to be one of them …. Hahahha sue me

I dislike a lot of people…. and Daniella Okeke happens to be one of them … Hahahaha sue me.


While some of her fans are hailing her for being real, others told Cossy Orijakor that she is knowingly creating problems for herself. Read some comments below;

poetic_assassin wrote: Hmmmm but inspite of everything is good u spoke your mind and a beautiful one 4 that matter hope God gives u a answer 2 your prayers wakanda forever

raw_explorer wrote : Nne you are the real Otuocha, why creating problems for yourself?

ogochigodwin wrote: Yawa don gas….okay, can’t wait…..Cossy nwa mama 😂😂😂😂😂 this story go carry weight oooo

nene_nne wrote: He can’t serve two masters at a time…apostle stop mocking the kindom of God

segunteniola10 wrote : Split the beans baby……..all ears on ground to hear the koko.hahahahaha

capasqueen wrote : Who cares 🙄🙄re you Jesus that we all need his love.rubbish

iam_dongee wrote: Kettle calling pot black. How can you do this to your fellow female? It’s not funny. We nor go laugh.

akuma.preciously wrote: Abeg go sitdown she is no diff dan urself if not beta so y d criticism. Mtcheew

segunteniola10 wrote: Let me adjust my seat n sip my coffee as I await next episode. Hahahaha Nne can’t wait to hear d koko

kachiijee wrote: Nawaoo is not good ooo,cossy are you holy?ur just looking for trouble


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